Please make DustLog records complete

I’m working on a tracking and accounting tool and finding it very difficult to get complete transaction history for my users, notably because the endpoint /sapi/v1/asset/dribblet is very limited…

  • Limited in number of records returned
  • Limited to only last 12 months of data
    This makes it very difficult to track and creates issues with tax authorities as we have to tell them “Binance doesn’t provide the data”.
    Please fix and add full history for these types of transactions.

Hi @Alex_M, from what I can check, if GET /sapi/v1/asset/dribblet has startTime=0&endTime=today_timestamp, the response should have all the records.

Are you detecting a default max number of records in the response? Please give specific values on your case by sharing complete request URL (with params) in query-string, returned number of records and the expected size.

As alternative, you can use UI:

Hi - thanks for the reply but this is actually the issue.

If I do : as you mention, with my personal account I can retrieve 3 instances of dust log:

  • January 2021
  • September 2021
  • and March 2021.
    When I go to the UI, i see the same 3 lines shown for these dust swaps, nothing more.

However , I know for a fact that I have dust converts in March and January 2020, which I can only find if I export full history through Binance UI… but the issue is I would need to export the whole 3-4 years history of Binance to find all of this data, and Binance only allows 4 exports per month of 3 month periods, so it is not realistic to get full transaction data the same way the API can.

So both the UI and the API are missing this reporting data. I agree it is not very critical amounts but when it comes to reporting authorities, the smallest mistake can be an issue so we need to be precise, especially since it can impact cost basis and realized profit reporting.



Sorry, this seems to actually be already covered in Pagination for DustLog, Asset Dividend Record, Swap History (BSWAP).
The endpoint seems to only return the last 100 records, but we’ll share your feedback on this.

Hi - any update on this? Please check my reply as it is not the same issue as you mentioned originally.

add pagination to dustlog as soon as possible!

If there is more than 100 registers executed at the same time, it won’t return complete history.

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Hello, I have the same issue. The API returns less than 100 records and ends at 1 year ago.
I do have all the conversions for the last year, but miss the old ones.
I know for sure that I had BNB conversions before but cannot get it from the API (even changing the startTime and endTime parameters).

Let me forward latest feedbacks on this endpoint to see if we can add information about until what time we can retrieve data to the API documentation

Hello, any update on this issue?

We would also need the API to work properly in the past to fetch all historical data! Would really appreciate it. thx.

I am also not able to request my previous conversions. Adding a start and end date does also not change the result. The conversion is neither visible on the UI, nor on an API level.

When I still was able to gather my data, I was already affected by the incomplete listing and raised this concern - without any result:

What to expect? Nothing I guess. Utterly slow, broken and unreliable APIs for sure. I will move on to other exchanges which seem to have higher quality standards towards their own tech.

Hello, any update about this endpoint?

The limitation of max last 100 records for this endpoint can’t be changed for the time being.

Thank you for your update.
As said here Please make DustLog records complete - #7 by GG-lemon, in my case there are not even 100 rows in the response.

This is a must have for me too. Limiting the API to 100 records or for past 1 year is having a huge impact on my computation.

If the reason is that there are too many records to be returned, a cumulative or aggregate record can help me solve the issue partially.

That is, instead of sending all records, send me the total with details of the to and from coins aggregated over a period (may be few days/weeks/month), but should not cross between financial year.

Also, please confirm if there is any other API which can be leveraged as a workaround for this problem.