BUG: userAssetDribbletLog response changed and is incomplete / broken


today I noticed the behaviour of the /v3/userAssetDribbletLog.html to have changed and being broken.

My previous calls to this endpoint (Jan, 30th and before) returned a dust conversion with the logs field of the response containing all conversions. In my case 128.

With my following iterations, the first one on February, 8th up until today, the response only contains 100 entries in the logs field.

The API changelog does not list any change to the endpoint.
Also I can’t find any documented parameter that would allow me to either increase the default limit on this field, or perform some kind of pagination as with other endpoints.

Right now I call the endpoint broken since I am not able to access all my data.

Thanks for the feedback, will forward to team for review.

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We have the same problem for different users.