Pagination for DustLog, Asset Dividend Record, Swap History (BSWAP)

Hello everyone,

We need to fetch the entire transaction history from Spot endpoints for our web application’s users, but the following endpoints have no mention of pagination in the documentation:

  • /sapi/v1/asset/dribblet
  • /sapi/v1/asset/assetDividend
  • /sapi/v1/bswap/swap

The only parameters mentioned are startTime and endTime. For now, we are looping requests with x days intervals, but this does not guarantee that we get all transactions in the case that the results exceed the max limit:

  • /v1/asset/assetDividend: 500
  • /v1/bswap/swap: 100
  • /v1/asset/dribblet: not mentioned - can anyone confirm what the limit is?

Any good suggestion for how to be guaranteed that we get the complete history? Perhaps there are some parameters not mentioned in the documentation that can be used?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. Thanks for reporting the issues. Let me respond to the questions point by point.

  1. GET /sapi/v1/asset/dribblet: This endpoint does not have pagination and it returns latest 100 records. The document will be updated.
  2. GET /sapi/v1/asset/assetDividend and GET /sapi/v1/bswap/swap. These 2 endpoints did not have pagination fully implemented. We are working on it. Meanwhile, please make use of the startTime and endTime to adjust the query.

Thanks a lot for clarifying that! We will implement a solution with startTime and endTime for now :slight_smile:

I have one BNB dust conversion with more than 150 assets converted at once. It’s impossible to retrieve complete conversion data, because they have the same time execution (interval).

Please, fix it as soon as possible. Simple add pagination.

It’s unbelievable to have an exchange as binance with primary issues like this.


Issue is not only limited to number of records returned (100) but also date: anything after 12 months is not returned, which is also very strange for an exchange such as Binance…

There are many issues with these endpoints. Do Binance plan to do something about this in the future?

Here is one example
This endpoint returns data from the past 5.5 months only (5 months + 15 days precisely). We have confirmed this using several different accounts. We know for a fact that there are older transactions that can be fetched from the /lending/union/interestHistory endpoint.

Is this something you plan to fix in the future?

Is there any update on this topic? The documentation looks like the same. I assume that the pagination and full history (more than some months) is still not working?

I can confirm that the full history is still not fetchable from these endpoints. We really need this for our clients to do proper tax calculations. @Binance any plans to fix this?

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@ishuen an update would be appreciated on this one. These three endpoints include taxable events, which are difficult to distinguish in the Binance generated statements. The historical data is also a nightmare to get hold of if a customer generates more than 4 statements a month due to quotas and date range limitations. We’re working with clients under tax investigations and those who need to file their tax returns; access to this level of historical data is critical for clients to file their taxes accurately.

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Any update on this? We’ve got a significant number of customers who cannot account for distributions that are subject to income tax.