Binance Testnet links

Spot Testnet:

Futures Testnet:

See instructions below on how to open a testnet account for both SPOT and FUTURES.

Q: How do I create an API key for the SPOT Testnet?
A: From, you can see this link to login

Once your account has been authenticated, you will be redirected back to testnet page and there will be another link to generate the API key

Click the button and give a label to your API key in the next screen, then you will see the API key:

Don’t forget to Save the secret key as it won’t be shown again.

Q: How do I open a testnet account and generate a testnet API key for Futures?

A: From, find the “Register now” button from the bottom of the page, underneath the kline chart:

After click there, you will be asked to provide email address and password to generate a testnet account.
This account is separate with your production account, It’s recommended to use a different email and password.

After login with the testnet username and password, you will see the tab of “API Key” with API Key and secret:

There will be some funds already in the account, and this cannot be withdrawn.

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