Where to start if I'm new to Binance API

Q: I’m a trader from other platform, or I’m new to crypto exchange and wish to integrate my application with Binance API, where should I start?

A: We know writing code is difficult, building a trading application can be even harder. That’s why we are spent tremendous resources in reducing the barrier for users to integrate with our API.

API documents

First we recommend our API documentation to show the full coverage of what endpoints are supported. Please always review this first before posting any questions in the thread.

It covers all details of API development, from each endpoints to request limits.

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API Test Network (TESTNET)

We have test environments for Spot and Futures:

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API Swagger file

Many developers prefer to read the endpoints from swagger file, which focus on the parameters and response data. We have it for you.

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Postman Collection

If you wish to try these endpoints but not interested in writing code, our postman collections provide build in signature hashing. You will just need to provide the API key and secret key , then you are good to check data from all endpoints.

For a more comprehensive explanation on how to use the Binance API Postman collection please refer to this page: https://academy.binance.com/economics/binance-api-series-pt-1-spot-trading-with-postman

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Python Scripts

Feel free to use the following variety of quick scripts to become familiar with programming in Python and adapt them to your own use cases:

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Binance Signature Examples

During our support to API users, we notice many users can be blocked for hours to work out how to hash signature for the USER_DATA endpoints. Users can save time if someone can tell him or show him the source code. So we have this github repository that demonstrate signature method in many languages.

Even more it includes complete code in python about how to send requests to get account information or place order.

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Websocket examples

Don’t know how websocket works at Binance? Are you also a fan of Nodejs? There is a nice repository that contains many scripts that listen to public and private data streams. Ping pong heartbeat is included.

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Other Questions?

Don’t worry if you have questions, we are here to help.

  • For any account/order question, please contract online customer support.
  • This developer community site is recommend to ask anything related to trading API.
  • There is a Telegram channel https://t.me/binance_api_english that can be also helpful.

And even more, we will provide more tools and keep improving our documentation.
We :heart: you, developers.