Wrong limit type in docs or api.

Hi, guys, from the docs I can see that this API use Weight(UID) limit. But if I send request to this endpoint, then in response I will get 'X-SAPI-USED-IP-WEIGHT-1M': '100', it means that endpoint use Weight(IP) limit. Is it bug in API or it wrong description in docs, could you please advice? thanks!

GET /sapi/v1/convert/tradeFlow?startTime=1654041600000&endTime=1655983553537&timestamp=1656409144715&signature=....

Response: {"list":[{"quoteId":"....}]}

headers: 'X-SAPI-USED-IP-WEIGHT-1M': '100'

Thanks for feedback, we will share with team.

Thanks, we will wait your answer.

Hi, Dino, do you have any news? Thanks

any updates?

The weight cost is intended to be (IP): 100. Documentation has been corrected.

@tantialex thanks, but it still have wrong type of limit - UID