Sapi tradeFlow endpoint has wrong limit weight in response

Hi, there, /sapi/tradeFlow endpoint should spent 100 (IP) limits, also by docs it’s said the same - 100 (IP) limits. But when I am trying to fetch some data from this endpoint, in response I received - 3000 (IP) limits spent.

GET /sapi/v1/convert/tradeFlow?..

‘data’: {…},
‘header’: {…‘limit_usage’: {‘x-sapi-used-ip-weight-1m’: ‘3000’}

Could you please fix it?

FYI, this can be related - Wrong limit type in docs or api.

It seems the typo on the document, the weight is 3000 (IP). Hope it’s helpful. @oleggetquin

Also the changelog says:

GET /sapi/v1/convert/tradeFlow: Update weight from 3000 to 100.

Whether or not the document or actual limit is incorrect, the endpoint is currently costing 3000 out of a per-minute allowance of 12000, which means there’s an effective limit of 4 reqs/min. Given that the query is limited to 1 month of data at a time, this makes this endpoint incredibly difficult to query historical data. Please strongly consider applying the limit of 100 to the endpoint if that’s not already in the works.

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Hello @dino
Could you address this comment please? I second @hypergeometric , I think there’s been a confusion between IP and UID limits here.

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thanks for feedback, we will review the document.

thank you, please, let me know when it fixed, asap.

@dino thanks, but if you check this discussion, this endpoint spent 100 IP in previous release, why it’s changed so huge, are you sure that it’s not a bug?

@dino Hello, any feedback?

Now It’s Weight(UID): 3000

Thank you! it works!