Trade history of delisted pairs


When I try to retrieve the trade history for a delisted pair with /api/v3/myTrades, I get the following error: -1121 Invalid symbol.
This is obviously needed for tax reporting. Could delisted pairs trade history be made available please?

Download the history from the website is not an acceptable solution to this problem since some users have virtual subaccounts. (Plus from a UX perspective it’s way better to use the tax reporting API rather than downloading dozens of files).

Example of delisted pair: IOSTBNB (Notice of Removal of Trading Pairs - 2022-01-21 | Binance Support)

Any help or workaround using the API would be appreciated.

Any update on this Binance engineers?

Recent example is the STMXBNB market. This is causing real pain for tax payers.

Hi @GG-lemon, I can understand the reason of this and unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a workaround for the past trades, although I’ve shared this concern internally for awareness and marking this topic as “feature_request”.

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@aisling this is also a problem for customers at Recap. Example CTRBTC historic trades are not available via the /api/v3/myTrades?symbol=CTRBTC&timestamp={{timestamp}}&signature={{signature}} endpoint, nor are orders at /api/v3/order?symbol=BTCUSDT&timestamp={{timestamp}}&signature={{signature}}

The error returned is:

“code”: -1121,
“msg”: “Invalid symbol.”

The information only seems to be available in the Binance generated statement files, which is difficult to access due to the quota of only being able to generate 4 reports a month. Please could you consider returning data for delisted markets for tax reporting?

Yes, it’s an understandable request and the team is already aware of this.
I’m not sure on what’s gonna be handling outcome, but if it’s gonna be solved, my guess would be it’s gonna take a while.

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@aisling @dino
Hello, now that LUNA and UST pairs have mostly been delisted, this will become a major issue for 3rd party services trying to get transactions from the API.
Could the priority for this issue be raised and the feature available in a couple of months at worse?
This will be essential for the next tax season.

Thanks you.

The trade history of delisted pairs will remain available until they are no longer present in the Exchange Information endpoint. The duration between delisting and removal from the Exchange Information is not determinable and may or may not occur.

@tantialex thank you for the quick response.
I could notice this behaviour, but given than more and more pairs are delisted, including ones that were traded a lot, it is an issue that from one day to another, 3rd parties (including the company I am working for) may not be able to access the trade history.
We already have had hundreds of customers affected by delisted pairs (removed from Exchange Information) and therefore could not use the API for tax reporting.

As noted by @danhowitt , the data is still available to Binance since it is in the generated statement files. It would be very appreciated to have it available through the API.

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I have the same issue, it’s very important for us, 3rd party app developers.

Please take this into account and fix this asap pleaaaase.

Thanks @binance

Can anyone look at this ?

Is there any update on this?