Trying to query old trades on now unlisted symbols.

I’m creating an app that recreates a wallet from an API key.

On the /api/v3/myTrades endpoint, i get it that we need to loop on all available symbols to fetch all the data.

But here is my problem. At some point in time, I traded on the STMXBNB that was a valid symbol at a time. Now it’s unlisted, and I can’t query the past trades I made on this symbol.

I guess the filter if a symbol is valid or not on this endoint would be more like “has been valid at some point” ?

Is there a workaround on that ?

Thanks a lot.

Same issue here, this will help a lot

you can still download from UI.

No, I don’t have access to the UI, I just have a readonly API key. It’s not my account, but my customers.

Also asked here Trade history of delisted pairs
It is really important for 3rd party applications, some action from Binance would be appreciated.

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