Spot API - add testnet for sapi endpoints


I think it would be very beneficial for people to have a testnet where they can test sapi endpoints, eg. creating savings without the need to use real money.

I actually had the same question… It looks like this has not been done yet and I’m wondering if it will ever be.

Thanks for quick reply. Unfortunately this is what we already doing for some endpoints, but for some tests it would be much better to have testnet than have to spend real money on every unit-test we’re running ;-).

Unfortunately the test environment on Binance is horrible. Empty orderbooks, missing endpoints, …

We will forward to the team, thank you for the feedback.

Any info about this?

Old endpoints were removed so now it’s necessary to use /sapi/ endpoints but testnet doesn’t support it.

I hope this will be resolved soon, because without that, we can’t test our apps.

Hi Ludek, don’t know if this has been resolved (I’m not working on that project anymore) but if it’s any help to you at that time we had to test /sapi/ endpoints on “mainnet” with real money, that was the only possibility at the time to test our app.

Binance’s API is horrible to work with.


Two years since this post was created and sapi endpoints are still availalable for the testnet.
Is there any chance this to be done at all?
It will be very usefull to test our functions before going directly on mainnet

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