Why does "All Coins' Information" return nothing in Testnet?


Looking through the docs I found you can get the information about all coins using:

GET /sapi/v1/capital/config/getall

        "coin": "BTC",
        "depositAllEnable": true,
        "free": "0.08074558",
        "freeze": "0.00000000",
        "locked": "0.00000000",

This works fine if you are using the production server, but in Testnet it will return 404. Why is this?

To add some more context - I’m writing some code which depends on this, so I would like to have an integration test that pings Testnet to validate everything actually works as expected.

“/sapi/*” endpoints are not supported on testnet.

That’s unfortunate. Are you aware if there are any plans to add it?