IP restriction not working

The IP restriction is not working for spot trading, when i add IP restriction the buy, sell orders are no longer working error -2015.
Is that a bug or i did something wrong ?

Try to give as much information as possible information about your configuration. Also add all the things you already try to debug it.

I use a docker container to run my code, i checked the IP using “curl ifconfig.me/ip”.

It’s the qame as the IP used on the api key filter.
If i remove the api filter everything works just fine. But white it i get error 2015.

I checked all the documentation and forum posts to try to solve this and verify everything.

But nothing related to my case!

Please have a try to run the script/application from different place:

  • outside the docker?
  • a different server without any VPN or proxy

This python script includes signature method can be helpful to debug.