How to get MARKET order's executed price in SPOT?

What are the methods to get the executed price after placing a MARKET order by using /api/v3/order endpoint ?

The executed price can be consulted in different scenarios:

  • A - During New Order via REST API (POST /api/v3/order)

In this request’s response, you’ll find a section named “fills”:

"fills": [
      "price": "4000.00000000", // Filled Price
      "qty": "1.00000000",
      "commission": "4.00000000",
      "commissionAsset": "USDT"
      "price": "3998.00000000",  // Filled Price
      "qty": "2.00000000",
      "commission": "7.99600000",
      "commissionAsset": "USDT"

One MARKET price can have several trades and the average executed price can be calculated by doing:
sum(prices)/#trades = (4000.00000000+3998.00000000)/2 = 3999 (USDT)

  • B - During New Order via Websocket (User Data Stream)

As one MARKET order can have several trades, you can receive several executionReport events, look for the "L" field:
"L": "20.00000000" // Filled Price

  • C: During Query Order (GET /api/v3/order)

After sending this request with symbol, orderId/clientOrderId, you’ll receive the following example:

    "symbol": "BTCUSDT",
    "orderId": 6489937,
    "orderListId": -1,
    "clientOrderId": "my_order_id_1",
    "price": "0.00000000",
    "origQty": "0.01000000",
    "executedQty": "0.01000000",
    "cummulativeQuoteQty": "457.02230000",
    "status": "FILLED",
    "timeInForce": "GTC",
    "type": "MARKET",
    "side": "SELL",
    "stopPrice": "0.00000000",
    "icebergQty": "0.00000000",
    "time": 1629389900927,
    "updateTime": 1629389900927,
    "isWorking": true,
    "origQuoteOrderQty": "0.00000000"

The average price can be obtained by doing:
cummulativeQuoteQty/executedQty = 457.02230000/0.01000000 = 45702.23 (USDT)