How to find the "minimum amount" when place an order on a specific symbol?

Refer to the solution posted at:

It says:
Taking the GALUSDT filters you mentioned above:
LOT_SIZE.tickSize = 0.001
PRICE_FILTER.minPrice = 0.001
MIN_NOTIONAL.minNotional = 10.0
Placing a BUY MARKET order at an average price of 5 USDT, the minimum quantity of the order must be
MAX(LOT_SIZE.tickSize, MIN_NOTIONAL.minNotional/average) = MAX(0.001, 10/5) = 2 GAL
Placing a BUY LIMIT order at a price of 3.5 USDT, the minimum quantity of the order must be
MAX(LOT_SIZE.tickSize, MIN_NOTIONAL.minNotional/price) = MAX(0.001, 10/3.5) = 2.858 GAL

However when I call exchangeInfo, I find:

  1. there is no LOT_SIZE.tickSize, but PRICE_FILTER.tickSize
  2. there is no MIN_NOTIONAL.minNotional, but MIN_NOTIONAL.notional

If it’s still the case, the formula seems not work for AXSUSDT, as
PRICE_FILTER.tickSize = 0.01
MIN_NOTIONAL.notional = 5
price = 18.76
Max(PRICE_FILTER.tickSize, MIN_NOTIONAL.notional/price) = MAX(0.01, 5/18.76)= 0.26 AXSUSDT

However when manually place the order from the browser, it shows the minimum required amount is actually 1 AXSUSDT, not 0.26.

After recheck the API document, I think the formula may be like this:
for limit order ----
Max(PRICE_FILTER.tickSize, MIN_NOTIONAL.notional/price, LOT_SIZE.minQty)
for market order ----
Max(PRICE_FILTER.tickSize, MIN_NOTIONAL.notional/average, MARKET_LOT_SIZE.minQty)

is it correct?

You do not need to consider PRICE_FILTER here as we are calculating quantity. There was a typo in the previous thread which they meant to say LOT_SIZE.stepSize.
The formula can be written as Max(MIN_NOTIONAL.notional/price, LOT_SIZE.stepSize) or Max(MIN_NOTIONAL.notional/average, MARKET_LOT_SIZE.stepSize)

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Thank you for the kind clarification.