Calculating "Minimum Trade Amount" for the limit order in USD-M Futures through API

I am trying to compute the minimum trade amount (specified here: from the API.

I followed two posts that can be traced from these links:

(1) How to find the "minimum amount" when place an order on a specific symbol?
(2) a related post to the first link ( I cannot post two links ).

but have not found the answer to my question because they lead to different results.

For example, for NEARUSDT, the LOT_SIZE.minQty = 0.1, stepSize = 0.1. I could fetch the minNotional, which is 5.000, and try to meet the minNotional size. However, due to the requirement for NEARUSDT’s minimum trade amount being exactly 1 (not equal to stepSize either), this does not work for me.

My question is, how can I compute the minimum trade amount using the info in the fields provided from the ticker data? Please help. I have no idea how the minimum trade amount is computed. If I can only compute that, I can just do max(min_trade_amount, minNotional / current_price) but the first item “min_trade_amount” is a mystery.