[Feature Request] Trading Status/current fee via websocket

I received your update email about removal of “outboundAccountInfo” from websocket userdata stream.

binance should add features and not remove them…

Aynway, besides providing the full balance, this stream also provided:

  1. The current fee tier (“t” and “m”)
  2. The stop of global trading (“T”)

So now you have to provide alternative streams that are pushing this data whenever it changes.

Of course we also need a stream informing about particular pairs, where trading is halted or any special mode like “post only”.

Please tell me the websocket streams to get these informations from.

In addtion a question:
“outboundAccountPosition” is triggered on any balance change, right? So also when doing a withdrawal/deposit or transfer between accounts?

Infos like Trading status and current fee tier may change anytime, I can not foresee this. So getting this change via weboscket is the only viable way, otherwise I would need to make a REST call for this every few seconds, and you don’t want me to do that.

Trading status or trading fee changes is low frequency event, restful API is definitely the best practise to get the data.

Yes they are low frequency events, but why does it mean they are best use with REST? I don’t think so.

Why don’t you understand that it is very very important to always use the correct trading fee when calculating possible profits (before you actually make the trades)? And it is also important to know if trading is possible, before you try to do the trade.

And since I calculate every few seconds and may try to place an order every few seconds, this means I have to check these REST endpoints every few seconds.
That can’t be right.


that will trigger the event balanceUpdate, please find the details from document.

this event was the reason for my question. outboundAccountPosition is triggered on any balance change. For me this sentence means, also on deposit/transfers.

So since your answer is the same confusing like the documentation, please state cleary:
To maintain a correct balance by myself, it is enough to only rely on “outboundAccountPosition” and there is no need to listen to “balanceUpdate” since the first one is triggered on “any balance change”. Right?