EARN (Locked Staking)

Hi Binance Team. Really would love to see an update on this. Is there any plan to implement Staking API in the near future?


I’m interested in this too!


Dear Binance,

I really think that you want your users to pay taxes. This is one of the most important features for reporting income and i have to explain to may accountant in screenshots of my account.

Please please please add this feature to the API so that we can finally get our portfolios to report the correct amounts.

Thanks you very much in advance


Any updates on this? Release date?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be available in the short term.

+1 on this. Please, add this feature to API!

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I have implemented my own UI for all of the exchanges where I have assets and part of it is Binance. I have a profit calculator in place and it doesn’t show the right data for all of the coins which I have staked bc there are no transactions being recorded on the wallets: it looks like the coins simply disappear. Therefore, this would be a highly appreciated endpoint, bc then I could see how much I have staked.


Is there any update to this? Would really like support for lendingType=“LOCKED_STAKING” in public API

It’s a shame Binance doesn’t develop this api for staking.
This is most important thing for paying the tax.


Yes, I always wondered why I could not find a portfolio app which tracks my staked coins. Now I started to make my own and am even more annoyed!
Also I stake most of my coins… so it’s harder to keep track of my assets and tax won’t be fun. Please add LOCKED STAKING at least.

I even looked at mimicking what the website does and using the private apis to get my info. But that would be a lot of work on my site, probably more than binance would have on their site to get us this endpoint. So I don’t see myself there yet.

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This is an essential feature for monitoring a portfolio, its performance and … declaring taxes!

It’s absurd that it’s not available!

Please, add this feature as soon as possible

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Given that there is already a private API for locked staking, it should not be too hard to get it public?

Can we please get a timeline for this as put above tax would be a nightmare without this and its forcing me to look at changing products here.

We would also appreciate getting this endpoint to read balance and tx history.

Any news on this topic @aisling ?

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I’m also eagerly waiting for this @aisling

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Why it is so hard to add this Binance?

Also please add Convert History to API too,

Thank you for adding this feature which has been requested by the community for 1 year.
It would be really useful to follow the evolution of my portfolio.


waiting for this since ages now