EARN (Locked Staking)

I’m looking for a way to get EARN (Locked Staking / Locked) values out using the REST API.
The data is available in the Binance website under:

  • EARN shows zero
  • drill down to Locked Stacking

I looked at several endpoint but I can not find the Locked Stacking values I’m looking for.

  • /api/v3/account
  • /sapi/v1/margin/account
  • /sapi/v1/lending/union/account
  • /sapi/v1/capital/config/getall

Your advice is highly appreciated,


Please add this feature… Tax will be a nightmare without this

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I also voice my support for this particular data to be available via the api. It’s very odd having plenty of redundant data/endpoints available, but not providing these values. Seems fairly important to me and probably most who use this functionality and the api, one could argue that it should be considered part of the MVP.

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Hi Moosy,

Sorry for the work you’ve put into searching for the right endpoint, although the Binance Staking product is not available through API yet.
If it becomes available in the future, it’ll be announced in the API documentation.

Thank you


Ah, that explains :wink:
Thank for your clarification on this topic.

Interested in this API too @aisling :wink:

Hello, any updates about when this will be available in the API?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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This API would be greatly welcomed! @aisling

Yes, would like to see this too, thanks!

Hey. Any updates ?

Please add this. At the very least just being able to get locked staking account info/positions/asset amounts would be a great help!

Please add a way to get the total earn balance and all positions. Just like in the app (wallets->earn), but via the api. This is a must for tracking the coins. It is crazy that this is still missing in such a big exchange.

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Yes, would like to see this too, thanks!

Would be nice to have this API available. Any updates on this?

Any updates on this? Release date?

When will we get this? @aisling

Hi Binance Team. Really would love to see an update on this. Is there any plan to implement Staking API in the near future?

I’m interested in this too!

Dear Binance,

I really think that you want your users to pay taxes. This is one of the most important features for reporting income and i have to explain to may accountant in screenshots of my account.

Please please please add this feature to the API so that we can finally get our portfolios to report the correct amounts.

Thanks you very much in advance


Any updates on this? Release date?