Difference between klines and continuousKlines (PERPETUAL)

Hi. What is the difference between these two endpoints?

  1. https://fapi.binance.com/fapi/v1/klines?symbol=BTCUSDT
  2. https://fapi.binance.com/fapi/v1/continuousKlines?pair=BTCUSDT&contractType=PERPETUAL

I didn’t find a good explanation in the documentation.

Please find the relevant discussion here

I have seen that. I don’t understand this answer.

They effectively show the same data, it’s the arguments passed which are different.

For example: fapi/v1/klines?symbol=ETHUSDT&interval=1h & fapi/v1/continuousKlines?pair=ETHUSDT&contractType=PERPETUAL&interval=1h show the same klines.