Convert operation (e.g., TUSD into USDC)

Is there a way to execute ‘Convert’ operation through API, just as it’s done with UI ‘Convert Funds’ option?
For example, I’d like to convert TUSD into USDC. Is it possible? For some coins, I can simulate a trade order for the symbol. However, not all 'convertible pairs can be traded - ‘TUSD_USDC’ - not.
I find this feature very useful for API to have. Otherwise, the API is very limited.
Would be nice to have this feature.

Thanks for the feedback. So far the API service only provide the conversion to BNB with small amount. ( ) Otherwise, trading is required.

Is there any plans to add support for this?
How it can be ‘feature requested’? By up-voting this post?

Upvoting the post works because it shows how many people also need this. But the more important part is, the expectation of the feature is clearly stated so that we can bring this into the internal discussion.