{"code":-1111,"msg":"Precision is over the maximum defined for this asset."}

Hi Everyone.
I’m Trying to put orders but i got this error :
{“code”:-1111,“msg”:“Precision is over the maximum defined for this asset.”}

I had this error before and my solution was this :

  • First of all I get my USDT balance for ex I have 100 USDT

  • After that I divide it to 20 and then multiply it to 10(my leverage) for money management . this operation will return 50 USDT.

  • Then I will divide the 50 USDT to the pair last price for getting the size of order that I want to put order for ex BTCUSDT at price 47400 will be 50 / 47400 = 0.00105485232

  • and here is the solution that I made for it. I get the max precision of the symbol from API and then I will round my number (0.00105485232) to the precision number so the result will be 0.001 and finally I will return 0.001 as quantity for my order.

The problem is here that it works fine most of the times but last night suddenly I got the error again after I reached my first target and I wanted to change my stop loss…

Further Information : I Set ClosePosition to True and tried it again with sending quantity and without, also i don’t set reduceOnly.

any one have any idea what should I do?

This error is caused by the PRICE_FILTER → tickSize under the exchangeInfo endpoint. The maximum number of decimal places allowed is returned under tickSize. For example, if tickSize returns 0.01, max allowed decimal places for that symbol will be 2.