{“code”:-1111,“msg”:“Precision is over the maximum defined for this asset.”}

What is the problem?
We using the exchange API rules, but we can’t open the position because of precision.
Please explain me the solution, I always get exception error.

We try to use PRICE_FILTER with “tickSize” like here:

But still don’t solve this because WALLET_ROUND not enought amount.
Please check the attached picture bellow:

which symbol? and what is the qty and price sent in the request?

Hi! Included on attached photo.
on BNB coin 0,026 (qty) the price is 0

But not work with another coin with small precession

I can’t solve it because the quantity is less than what I need.
BNB - 0.02 what I want
What binance allows is 0.0 precession for this asset

you can send an order with price=0

Maybe i’m not reading this clearly.

From my understaidng of the problem, you are trying to sell a coin with a precision less than than allowable amount by binance.

There is no way to fix this…
you simply have to trade a larger amount and decrease the precision of the quantity you are trying to sell.

ie, if it complains about 0.01, try 0.1.

Work from there.

There is a button in binance app “convert small amounts to BNB”.

Its there for this reason. the transactions fees are bigger than the amount you are trying to sell, so binance have to define a precision for trading.