Close Position Of Binance Futures In Hedge Mode

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As per my knowledge In a single mode (Non-Hedge Mode) if we want to close any position then we have to place opposite direction order with same qty for example if current position of pair BTCUSDT of 0.01 BTC Long then we can close this position by placing Short order of 0.01 BTC. But now I have a question that how can we close the position in hedge mode as hedge mode allow to place Long and Short order parallelly?

I need solution using API. (python-binance module or RestAPI)

Please check this topic.

Hi @dino

I got this error => APIError(code=-2022): ReduceOnly Order is rejected. while closing or opening position. Sometimes I got this error while open new position and sometimes I got this error while closing the position. I didn’t pass parameter reduceOnly=True/False.

Got it. Thanks @dino