Enable Hedge Mode on Futures API

By default the futures keeps the position mode to One-way. In order to enable the new feature of Hedge Mode, so you can have dual sides positions.

  • enable it by endpoint POST /fapi/v1/positionSide/dual, setting the parameter dualSidePosition = true
  • Open position:
    • Long : positionSide=LONG, side=BUY
    • Short: positionSide=SHORT, side=SELL
  • Close position:
    • Close long position: positionSide=LONG, side=SELL
    • Close short position: positionSide=SHORT, side=BUY

Q: If I don’t change the dualSidePosition to true(Hedge Mode), can I set positionSide in the parameter to LONG or SHORT?

A: No, you will receive error.

Q: why I see this error Order Rejected Order's position side does not match user's setting.

A: You have enabled Hedge Mode, but when placing order, setting the positionSide=BOTH conflict with your current settings.