Close all positions or one position in a specific time


I am writing my algo in python using Binace API, in future market.
My problem is that I cannot mange my position to close.
I cannot see any function in documentation which help me to close my position in :

  1. Any time that I wanted to be close, for example, I want to close my position 24 hour after the time I create it.
  2. Close all of my positions.

Can I do these using Python API?


Closing position of futures is placing another by opposite direction.

This topic may be helpful to understand. Enable Hedge Mode on Futures API


Hi Dino

Thank you for your answer.
Actually my question is that, I am opening an order, at 8:00am and it happens at 10:00 am. I put ans SL and TP for that, but I want to close the position 24 hours after 10:00 am if SL or TP didn’t happen.