XLMEUR - APIError(code=-1013): Filter failure: LOT_SIZE


I tried to place an order like this

order = client.create_order(

I received the Lot_size error. I understand that there is an issue with the quantity but what is it ? How may I know the min and max quantity for this symbol ?

Many thanks for your help

A LOT_SIZE error implies that the quantity of the order does not conform with the LOT_SIZE filter. A symbol’s filter can be obtained from the Exchange Information endpoint.

XLMEUR’s LOT_SIZE filter is

    "filterType": "LOT_SIZE",
    "minQty": "1.00000000",
    "maxQty": "9000000.00000000",
    "stepSize": "1.00000000"

The issue here is that 347.7355 does not conform to the stepSize of the filter. You must either place an order at 347 or 348 since

quantity % stepSize == 0
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Thank you for your help.

Do you know where I can find a good documentation regarding all the filters (LOT_SIZE, MIN_NOTIONAL …) ?

Filter information can be found here.


Thank you