wss:// very slow


I’m building an application which uses WebSocket Streams from GitHub - binance/binance-connector-java

The symbolTicker works like a charm.

But I have problems with the klineStream → Binance API Documentation

When I use wss://stream.binance.COM:9443 it works fine. I get an event (callback) every few seconds.
When I use wss://stream.binance.US:9443 I get an event around every 2 minutes ?

Because I use GCloud I have to use the .us version.
Is that a known issue, or do you have an Idea of what could go wrong?

Thanks, BR

stream.binance.US is the websocket data from Binance US.

If you still wish to get market data from .com, you may try this url:

The base endpoint wss:// can be subscribed to receive only market data messages.

I did a short test, which seems to work perfectly with this URL. I will confirm this in the evening.
Already thanks!

Thanks for the fast help!