Wrong data in exchange info API for CVCUSDT symbol

Based on exchange info API that was pulled on 15/May/2023, there is an error on trading pair CVCUSDT, the pair can’t be traded:
“symbol”: “CVCUSDT”,
“status”: “TRADING”,
“baseAsset”: “CVC”,
“baseAssetPrecision”: 8,
“quoteAsset”: “USDT”,
“quotePrecision”: 8,
“quoteAssetPrecision”: 8,
“baseCommissionPrecision”: 8,
“quoteCommissionPrecision”: 8,
“orderTypes”: [

What’s the used request URL to test the trading? Please show an example. You can omit sensitive parts.

the normal live URL, no additional parameters:
GET https://api.binance.com/api/v3/exchangeInfo

What’s the request and used parameters for you to detect that the “the pair can’t be traded”?
And the received error message?