Wrong Binance Geographic Restriction

Hello, I am having issues using the Binance API in Python. Every time I try to use it, I encounter the following error: “Service unavailable from a restricted location according to ‘b. Eligibility’ in https://www.binance.com/en/terms. Please contact customer service if you believe you received this message in error.” This error suggests that I am in a restricted area, but this is a mistake as I am operating the Binance API from a Hostinger VPS server located in Lithuania. According to their terms and conditions, Lithuania is not a restricted country. Their terms and conditions state:

"List of Prohibited Countries
Updated: 14 July 2023

The below Countries, and such other locations as designated by Binance from time to time, form the List of Prohibited Countries as described in Binance’s Terms of Use




United States"

Therefore, Lithuania is not a restricted country for Binance. I would like to know the reason for the error that I am encountering each time I attempt to use the Binance API and how I could resolve this issue. Thank you in advance.

Please contact online customer support, they should be able to help with this.

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Ho lo stesso problema, sono in Italia… dove trovo la assistenza di binance ?