wrong ASSET when calling the api/v3/account

i get this result


"makerCommission": 10,

"takerCommission": 10,

"buyerCommission": 0,

"sellerCommission": 0,

"canTrade": true,

"canWithdraw": true,

"canDeposit": true,

"updateTime": 1660716540360,

"accountType": "SPOT",

"balances": [{

    "asset": "LDBUSD",

    "free": "1414.10300000",

    "locked": "0.00000000"


"permissions": [




i do not recognize the LDBUSD asset in my balances nor is listed either in desktop app or the web api

I checked all my positions and I see I have a Flexible/Savings BUSD for 1414.10300000

Direct this question to Binance Customer Support for account related issues. They will be able to provide a clear explanation.