Withdrawing AUD (Fiat) via API

We would like to withdraw AUD (fiat) via the Binance API.
Can you please assist us? Our entire flow is automated but this step makes the entire process now Ad-hoc and prone to major error. Please assist if possible.

Sorry we don’t have this details yet.

I have the exact same request. Can this be added to a roadmap someplace? I would love to be able to plan for this feature in the future.

hey @dino - I understand that but it’s quite important and a lot of developers need to process fiat withdrawals via API. Can we get Binance devs to expose this API for us?

hey @dino - any update here?
The workload is becoming very cumbersome without an API…

Unfortunately there is no updates on this. Please feel free to get more details from customer support.

We are waiting as well, please update the status of this.

Unfortunately there’s no updates on withdrawing FIAT assets via the API.

We are trying to move our institutional services to binance but we have to have API access to all functions, how can we get this elevated? EUR (SEPA) or USD (SWIFT)