Why is there no /sapi/v1/asset/tradeFee entpoint in Testnet?


I was wondering why is there no /sapi/v1/asset/tradeFee endpoint available in Testnet?
Calling this endpoint gives 404.

The Spot Testnet only supports /api/* endpoints.

/sapi/* endpoints are not supported.

Thanks for the answer! Are there any plans to add support (or at least partial support?). Writing integration tests is near impossible - you need to mock all of the data from the production and pray “it just works”.

The team is aware of the request but no plans for the near future.

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Thanks for the info. Hope you could bump a +1 from me… this feature would be very handy for people who are doing integrations with Binance! :slight_smile:

Why don’t they?
since it is just a testnet, they can just direct their data from real data from backend programming coding.

Because reasons (nobody knows). :smiley: