Why is there no data in my List?

Friends, this is the code that I’m trying to get running. I use F# here but do know some C#.
I basically follow the samples for binance connector dotnet:

#r "nuget: FSharp.Data"

#r "nuget: Binance.Spot"

open FSharp.Data

open Binance.Spot

open Binance.Spot.Models

open Binance.Common

open System;

open System.IO;


let Endpoint = "https://api.binance.com"


let Key = "Key"


let Secret = "SecretKey"


let Sample = """[{"KlineOpenTime":1499040000000,"OpenPrice":0.01634790,"HighPrice":0.80000000,"LowPrice":0.01575800,"ClosePrice":0.01577100,"Volume":"148976.11427815","KlineCloseTime":1499644799999,"QuoteAssetVolume":2434.19055334,"NumberOfTrades":308,"TakerBuyBaseAssetVolume":1756.87402397,"TakerBuyQuoteAssetVolume":28.46694368,"Ignore":0}]"""

type KlineCandleStick = JsonProvider<Sample, RootName="KlineCandleStick">

let market = new Market(Endpoint, Key, Secret)

let data =

    market.KlineCandlestickData("BNBUSDT", Interval.ONE_DAY)

    |> Async.AwaitTask

    |> Async.RunSynchronously

    |> KlineCandleStick.Parse

    |> Seq.toList

    |> Seq.map (fun f -> f.Volume)


This gives me the following error:
Error: System.Exception: '[0]/Volume' is missing

Basically, I try to serialize my Json-Data, but the individual Properties are missing.
Hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance.

what is the value of the Seq.

this is the example script that you can get the kline data.

In the end, it is a list of KlineCandleStick-objects. When i follow the Sample precisely, it returns a json-string, containing all desired values. My goal here is to cast it to some sort of strongly typed list of objects, but on the way there i seem to lose some data.