Why is stepsize 0.00000000 for certain symbols on Binance?

I noticed stepsize is 0.00000000 for WRXUSDT in the Spot market. What does it really mean? Shouldn’t it be at least >0 ?

Also, whats the difference of ticksize in ‘LOT_SIZE’ and ‘MARKET_LOT_SIZE’? Is that the ticksize limit order and market order?

Information from the binance api on exchangeInfo endpoint: [{‘filterType’: ‘LOT_SIZE’, ‘minQty’: ‘0.10000000’, ‘maxQty’: ‘900000.00000000’, ‘stepSize’: ‘0.10000000’}, {‘filterType’: ‘MARKET_LOT_SIZE’, ‘minQty’: ‘0.00000000’, ‘maxQty’: ‘692342.01250000’, ‘stepSize’: ‘0.00000000’}]

This filter MARKET_LOT_SIZE is used to define market order qty. When the minQty is 0.00000000, it means there is no requirement of the min qty for this symbol. However there is another filters with rules that order should apply.