why is start_multiplex_socket not returning any data?

Hi, I’m attempting to fetch data in bulk to be efficient. When i run the code, it’s not producing any output and it seems to just be “stuck”. Please help

import websocket
import json
from binance.streams import ThreadedWebsocketManager

def handle_socket_message(msg):
    print(f"message type: {msg['e']}")

if __name__ == "__main__":
   twm = ThreadedWebsocketManager(api_key=api_key, api_secret=api_secret, testnet=True)
    twm.start_multiplex_socket(callback=handle_socket_message, streams=["luna2usdt@depth20@100ms", "luna2usdt@kline_4h", "luna2usdt@trade"])

Please note that luna2usdt is not included in the list of symbols for which you can request klines,trade, or depth information.

This limitation may be because LUNA 2.0 is not a listed cryptocurrency on Binance, as indicated in the following link: https://www.binance.com/en/price/luna-2-0


thank you for your help, but I still dont get any data even when i try BTCUSDT. I think there’s something else wrong but idk what it is