Why am I getting this error : received 1008 (policy violation) Too many requests

I have six keys for streaming depth data : all_symbols = [[‘BTCAUD’, [‘ETHBTC’, ‘BNBBTC’]], [‘ETHAUD’, [‘BNBETH’, ‘ETHBUSD’]]].
If I don’t log in then I don’t get an error.
I use asyncio sleep(1), after getting the data of all element keys. Example : ‘BTCAUD’, ‘ETHBTC’, ‘BNBBTC’
asyncio sleep(1)
asyncio sleep(1)

do I need authorization ?
how can i use ‘sleep’ so that no error occurs ? when i use authorization .
async def main():
global status_connect
uri = “wss://stream.binance.com:9443/stream?streams=”
async with websockets.connect(uri,ping_interval=None) as websocket:
await on_open(websocket, status_connect)
while True:
message = await websocket.recv()
if re.match(r’^{"stream’, message):
await on_message(websocket, message)

Apologies, but from our part, we don’t tend to analyze personal codes, unless our connectors are been used. Those connectors are available for several different language and can be found at https://github.com/orgs/binance/repositories.
If you have the opportunity, you can take a look and see if they’re useful for you.