whitelisting ip address

how do i white list my ip address via the api,
I only have a normal account so no sub accounts etc .
as i don’t have a static ip i need to be able to update the whitelist as the ip address changes.
which api should i use


Unfortunately you can only update your API IP whitelist for your main account via the actual Binance website UI. A lot of ISPs offer a dedicated/static IP address - have you looked into that? Otherwise I’d suggest using a server from a cloud service provider such as AWS or GCP, whitelist the server’s IP and run your scripts via the server. Otherwise you’ll have to be updating your IP whitelist regularly if you stick with your current dynamic IP setup.

Hey @jonte , do you know by any chance, if it’s against ToS if we use (cloud server) IP of a restricted country, where Binance doesn’t offer its (entire/particular) service. Is there any chance of getting our account blocked?