Whitelist for public liquidity provider bot

Hi there,
I have a web-based liquidity bot that I expect to be used by hundreds of people simultaneously, eventually thousands. Since it’s web based, that means all of the connections would be sharing the same IP, and I would always be at my maximum request weight limit.
I want to sell my bot starting at extremely affordable prices, so paying for proxies is out of the question.
What can I do here? I wanted to package my software as a web-app for maximum compatibility and I didn’t want people scared to download an executable over security concerns being a barrier to entry. I have a bunch of IPv6 IP’s available but I’m fairly sure that the Binance API doesn’t connect over IPv6.
If you can point me in the direction of someone I can speak to I would really appreciate it. I’m willing to pay for this privilege if necessary.
-Jon Eyrick. Developer of https://github.com/jaggedsoft/node-binance-api

“sell my bot starting at extremely affordable prices”

while thinking the limit from Binance 1200 weight per second on spot and the cost of Server/IP, each HTTP request has its cost. Anyone wish to send many requests need to pay the cost.

This reminds me with many SaaS model, e.g. Dropbox offers only 5G for free users, which is not very useful. But you can’t complain with that, they have some bills to pay from storage providers.

yeah fair point, well binance has whitelisted TraderDaddy in the past which was a trading bot, and mine is a bot that provides liquidity so there is a considerable difference. Increasing liquidity would be worth it to binance & many people running this type of software have more than 50 btc volume per month, meaning binance is getting at least $4500 per month in fees, possibly much more.

This software works extremely well for small stackers too and has very low risk so I’d like for it to be affordable to the average person. It’s really easy to use, just pick the coins you want to operate on, move a few sliders to adjust the liquidity provided and press a button.
It’s like hummingbot but requires no technical expertise to set up.