Which pair of BNB/USDT is used to calc. the comission(fees)?

Hei guys,

i dunno if this is the right place to ask this question…

I am asking myself which pair of BNB/USDT is used when it comes to calculate the comission.
I am trading the BTC/USDT Perpetual future and pay my comissions with BNB. I want to know how much the fee was in USDT.

So does the system take BNB/USDT Perpetual or BNB/USDT Spot? And does it take the Mark or Index price?

Thanks a lot.

If you’re trading in Perpetual Futures, should be taking the commissions there.

When you make a SELL order with let’s say 1BNB for 200 USDT and your trading fee is 0.1%, then 0.2 USDT will be charged as a trading fee. The calculation is simple: 200 * 0.1/100. Therefore it takes the earned asset to base the fee.

Hei aisling,

thanks for advice. The question for me is, does binance take the Mark or Index price?
With your answer, that they use the perpetual contract price when I trade perpetual pairs was helpful. Thanks for that one.