Which futures price stream should be used to do the trading

It makes no sense when the api has the real-time book ticker but no real time mark price (best 1000ms) which is so critical to futures trading. I know it takes time to calculate but still I want a real time mark price, at least not deviated from the official web trader. Any existing implementations?

We don’t have information on this, but 1000ms is the best that can be provided given the current complexity of the tech architect behind the Futures Product. If there’s a change in the future, it’ll be announced in the change log section of the API doc.

Just wondering if the binance futures official web trader gets this 1000ms stream too or it gets the real time mark price stream. If it is the latter (I don’t really believe it is the former by counting the ticks, obviously the time interval between ticks are irregular and less than 1000ms), why not just let us listen to the real time stream? I don’t believe it’s very costly to the servers, after all you provide all other real time streams as well, e.g. the book ticker. Unless these existing streams are not really useful to our traders so you don’t really spend large amount of server resources on that.