Which API endpoint to Query for Margin Small Convert (non BNB)

When you Repay a Margin Loan a “Small Convert” transaction happens between the Borrowed coin and another one - these are visible in the Capital Flow section (Orders → Margin Orders)
How do we get the two amounts involved in a Small Conversion? - via which API?
The Repay endpoint: /sapi/v1/margin/repay only gives the amount being repaid, but not also the coin used for Repayment and the actual amount the repayment cost.
For example Repayment of 30.00170000 XRP with -0.00948707 ETH. How do we get the ETH Small Conversion data?
Is there an endpoint giving the Capital Flow Records?
Thank you!

There is a /sapi/v1/margin/dribblet endpoint which queries the historical information of user’s margin account small-value asset conversion BNB that may be helpful. However that’s for BNB. There isn’t an endpoint for non-BNB small-conversions. Documentation here: Binance API Documentation

Hello, I think I did not reply to your comment, but rather gave another answer.
The endpoint you provided does not return the two Small Convert transactions generated by a Repay, and all my Repayments are not BNB, but other coins.
Could you please let us know if there is any possibility to retrieve via the API the two Small Convert amounts generated by Loan Repayments? Any endpoint - even a Ledger, or Raw data endpoint?
Since the transactions are visible on the Exchange website in the Capital Flow section I imagine there should be a way to retrieve the two transactions.

Thank you! We’ve tried that one - and as you said it’s not fetching anything non BNB related.
So basically you’re saying there is no endpoint available that would get us the two Small Conversion amounts for the Repay?
Maybe a Ledger… raw data endpoint… anything?
What’s the reason behind this - are all clients expected to have BNBs? and use those for Small Conversions?