Whay 'LOT_SIZE' and 'NOTIONAL' filter contradict each other?

Listen guys, explain to a fool why filters contradict each other? when I place an order, I specify the order volume in the base coin. I am guided by the RLC/USDT pair filter and it tells me that ‘filterType’ ‘LOT_SIZE’ has the value min ‘0.10000000’, however I cannot buy 0.1 RLC and 0.3 RLC too…
because the ‘filterType’ filter says that the volume in the quote currency should be 10
I seem to be a complete fool - but I don’t understand how I should check the order for whether its volume corresponds to the minimum or not if I want to execute a market order?

Screenshot from 2023-08-10 21-02-18

Client’s order request should pass all filters, means

  • if your order qty pass the minQty of LOT_SIZE, it doesn’t mean the order will success at this point
  • You will need to check NOTIONAL or other filters. The quest could be rejected until all filters check are passed.