what technical analysis is Binance using?

My calculated MACD and RSI values are different from Binance’s calculations on all kline time intervals. I’m using Python BTA-lib for my calculations. Does anyone here know if Binance is using a library to calculate their values, and if so, which library that is?

I was able to get the same results by simply rounding the numbers to the first decimal.

I suggest providing your results and the Binance counterpart to diagnose the issue further.

As far as Binance uses embedded TV charts, therefore the indicators you see on Binance are calculated based on the TV algorithm, in my case I programmed the indicators of my app myself and did not use any other library but the Base TV to compare the values ​​generated by the algorithms of all the indicators that you program

Well done, this looks exactly like Binance’s 1d chart. I’m assuming this would work on any time interval for a given kline?

If yes, could I get in touch with you about how to do this?