What Is The Correct Quantity Value For Sell Order?

say… i have following amount of LTC: 0.45615
now i want to sell those amount for EUR using current market price.

so, i set following parameters:

("symbol", "LTCEUR"),
("side", "SELL"),
("type", "MARKET"),
("quantity", "0.45615"),

and pass to order endpoint…

but it response following error:
{"code":-1013,"msg":"Filter failure: LOT_SIZE"}

i don’t understand what i am doing wrong here?

thanks in advance for any upcoming help

best regards

Please check the endoint /api/v3/exchangeInfo for the LOT_SIZE value of this symbol.
It specifics the max decimals that is allowed for placing order.

thanks a lot for your reply sir… i checked that end point, minimum qty is : 0.00100000, so my qty is much higher than that. and also i changed the decimal to have same number of digits (8) ex: 0.45615000

but it still shows the same error message

any idea?
thanks in advance
best regards

The amount must be 0.456

there what will happen to my 0.00015000? how can i trade full amount?