What is LDADA in my balance?

In my balance i see the LDADA code with a value that correspond to the missing value that is missing
in a coin that i put and canceled for SELL.
What is LDADA? and how can i transfer that value to my coin again?

We don’t know what you’re referring about, please share what you see for better context.

i start with 86 ADA, then i have created 3 orders to sell in total 50 ADA
just for test.
After cancel the order the 30 ADA don´t return to the main place,
when i call the account endpoint i see this:

ADA 36.31121948
–> LDADA 50.00000000 <—
i believe the code is “LD” and i don´t know what is mean
but i want put the 50 ADA again to main place.
thank you for your help