What does the percent price filter mean

Can someone help me understand what this filter means ?

I was trying to trade HOT->BNB quantity: 87366, price: 0.0005723

and got the percent price filter error:

{'code': -1013, 'msg': 'Filter failure: PERCENT_PRICE'}

The docs didn’t explain that well why this happened.

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First you need to call exchangeInfo endpoint to get the information of the filters on the symbol:

          "filterType": "PERCENT_PRICE",
          "multiplierUp": "5",
          "multiplierDown": "0.2",
          "avgPriceMins": 5

You can see "multiplierUp" and "multiplierDown" value.
So if the current price is 200 with a multiplierUp of 5 your price must be less than 200 * 5 = 1000. With the multiplierDown of 0.2 your price must be more than 200 * 0.2 = 40.

So all in, the price of your order must be in range:

40 <= your_price <= 1000

Isn’t this calculation based on the average price over the last 5min rather than the current price?

Yes, the filter uses the average price per X minutes, where X is the value of avgPriceMins

@Alexis Thank you
Turns out my code was mismatching limit order prices.