What does the "isWorking" field do?

Some Binance responses return a boolean isWorking field. This field is completely undocumented, and nothing shows up on Google either. I’ve searched these forums, and can’t find any discussion of it either.

The reason I ask is because I noticed some strange API behaviour — which might be a bug, or could be explained by isWorking (if I had any idea what it means)…

  • I made a DELETE request for an existing order. The order’s status was NEW.
  • Binance returned a response for the order with a status of CANCELED.
  • A few moments later, I made a GET request for the same order. The response came back with the status NEW again — despite having just been reported as CANCELED in the previous request.
  • The only difference I could tell was that the second response had the isWorking field, which was set to false. isWorking was not returned in the first response.

isWorking - indication if the order is currently placed in the order book or not.
(It’s the same “w” field returned from websocket executionReport event.)

Thanks aisling! That explains it, cheers :slight_smile: