What are the prerequisites for futures trading with the Binance API?

Is there anything else you need to do after creating API keys for futures trading?

Nothing else. To trade on Binance’s Futures Exchange you only require API credentials with Futures Trading enabled.

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Where can I check it out?

API Key permissions can be managed via the Binance UI

You are required to have the following permissions to trade on Futures

  • Enable Reading
  • Enable Futures

Binance Futures API Documentation can be found here. The documentation is divided for USD-M and COIN-M Futures.

You can check the balance of API futures trading wallets at a specific account.
However, only orders are not sent.

Orders are available from other accounts.


"code": -4061,

"msg": "Order's position side does not match user's setting."


What does this mean?

Please open a separate thread, since this is not related to the Original Post