Websocket user data connection

Hi, can you put an example of how to connect websocket user data. I get the listen Key, but i dont know how to make the call, where i put the listen key, how i have to make the request body
In C# i sending this request body but i get an error

        List<string> list_dict = new List<string>();
        var private_balance = await wss._private_Balance_ws(234, list_dict2);

    public async Task<string> _private_Balance_ws(int id, List<string> lista)
            Dictionary<string, dynamic> dict = new Dictionary<string, dynamic>()
                {"method", "SUBSCRIBE" },
                {"message", lista },
                {"id", id }

            var sendata = await Send_Data(dict);

Send a string like below:
{“method”: “SUBSCRIBE”,“params”:[<your listenKey>],“id”: <an integer number>}
For more details, please refer to this - https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/futures/en/#live-subscribing-unsubscribing-to-streams

Thank you very mutch, that solved my problem