Websocket SPOT API vs REST API

Hi guys,

as if since announcement on the official Change Log site and additionally published on github there is a way to setup Websocket connection on the SPOT account to place and manage SPOT orders not only via REST, but over Websocket.
What is the advantage of Websocket SPOT-API compared to REST? I cannot find any information about that to compare both methods. Can you provide some points to help people decide which method to use?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, the advantages/disadvantage are not listed because it’s a general technical knowledge, that’s not specific to Binance API.
Although, I can share 2 main advantages when comparing to REST API to retrieve same results :

  • Reduced latency: No overhead of repeated HTTP requests and responses, leading to reduced latency and improved performance;
  • Two-way communication: Allows both the client and server to send data to each other;

A possible disadvantage for many on Websocket API would be requiring more complex implementation and management compared to REST API.